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We are glad to provide below some of the best resources and wonderful links that we know of on the topics of wildlife and nature, flora and fauna, as covered in this website.

They are provided as a complementary and extra resource for our valued website visitors.

These links and resources have very interesting facts and messages that are very relevant to our website, and will therefore greatly add to your general knowledge and experience of the world we live in.

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You can e-mail directly, or find the addresses or the contact telephone and fax numbers of the relevant Malaysian government departments and state authorities that are connected with wildlife and nature.

Please call or contact them directly when you wish to know more about registration, licences and permits, etc., necessary for your potential visits.

Also included below are personal blogs and websites, and some of Malaysia's important and influential bodies and non-government organisations (NGOs) that are created to foster understanding and generate public help to preserve, sustain, conserve and protect Malaysia's nature and wildlife heritage.

Find out more about potential or upcoming nature events and activities that are being organised , and how you can participate.

We hope that these best resources and links of ours will help you with more information about Malaysia's wildlife and nature, and if you are a visitor to the country, will hopefully make your stay or adventure trips in the country more interesting and joyful.

So do check these websites to know more on the particular subject of the webpage that we write about in our own website.

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Malaysian Wildlife and Nature Best Resources and Links

Non-Governmental Organisations

  • Malaysian Nature Society

    Information on nature subjects, flora and fauna, and related activities in the Malaysian scene. Better still, be a member and together help protect and nurture our nature heritage in the country.

  • WWF Malaysia

    The Malaysian chapter of the WWF with information, news and activities about endangered animals of Malaysia.

  • Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers (MyCat)

    Malaysian citizens' website for protection of the endangered Malayan tiger.

Malaysian National Parks and Reserves

For all information and advice on Federal and state regulations and laws, and licenses required for wildlife and nature reserves and parks.

Lakes of Malaysia

National Hydraulic Research Institute Of Malaysia (Institut Penyelidikan Hidraulik Kebangsaan Malaysia)

The Institute is the national information repository for all lakes in Malaysia, whether natural or man-made.

Birds of Malaysia

The following are very informative sites on both general and Malaysian birds.

Butterflies of Malaysia

  • Penang Butterfly Farm

    The foremost butterfly farm in Malaysia with great contents and illustrations on the various species of butterflies found in the country.

  • Butterflycircle

    This website covers butterfly species of Singapore (Malaysia's next door neighbor). Except for a few species, most of the butterflies are also found in Malaysia.

Dragonflies of Malaysia

Odonata of Peninsular Malaysia blog

A factual blog by a renowned Malaysian odonata expert, Dr. C.Y. Choong. Know more on Malaysian dragonflies and species, with pictures of various species of dragonflies, and their development from eggs to adulthood.

Amphibians of Malaysia

Frogs of Borneo 

Be enthralled by the species of unique frogs found in the East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak.

We'll add more useful links and best resources to the list from time to time. So don't forget to visit our website periodically.


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