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Tiger Locations in Malaysia

There are a few tiger locations in Malaysia where, if we are lucky, the malayan tigers can be seen.

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Turtle Sanctuaries and Hatcheries in Malaysia

The Malaysian sea turtle sanctuaries and hatcheries had, over the years, helped to revive the sea turtles population in the country.

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Malaysian Rivers

Wildlife and nature lovers will find the malaysian rivers teeming with diverse flora and fauna.

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Flowers of Malaysia Gallery

See the beautiful flowers in this flowers of malaysia gallery where pictures of some of the more common species of Malaysian flowers are depicted.

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Malaysian Raptors Watch

One special wildlife event that is growing in popularity for nature lovers, especially with keen birders and conservationists, in the country is the Malaysian Raptors Watch

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Fruits of Malaysia

When in season, the fruits of Malaysia are in such demand that we find many cars stop by at fruit sellers manning wooden stands along highways and roads of the country.

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Malaysian Bugs and Hoppers

Malaysian bugs and hoppers belong to the interesting Hemiptera Order of Insects.

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Malaysian Mosquitoes and Flies

Malaysian mosquitoes and flies belong to the order of Diptera in the Insect world.

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Jebak Puyuh

Gunung Jebak Puyuh is a limestone hill that is extra special to botanists, naturalists and nature and cave lovers in the state of Pahang.

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Best Resources on Malaysia's Wildlife and Nature

These are the best resources and links on Malaysia's wildlife and nature.

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Malaysian Beetles

If you take a leisurely walk in the gardens, parks or rainforests, you will most likely see some species of the amazing and lovely Malaysian beetles.

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Malaysian Cockroaches

The Malaysian cockroaches belong to the order of Blattodea in the Insect world.

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Malaysian Mantis

The Malaysian mantis belong to the order of Mantodea in the Insect world. And almost always we will find this insect in its typical "praying" position, hence its common name praying mantis or mantid.

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Malaysian Hymenoptera

We don't have to go far to see Malaysian hymenoptera - the wonderful and diligent insects - bees, wasps and ants

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Malaysian Orthoptera, Grasshoppers, Katydids and Crickets

Malaysian Orthoptera include the grasshoppers, katydids and crickets.

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Reptiles of Malaysia

The reptiles of Malaysia can be found almost everywhere in the country -- in urban and rural areas and in the rainforests-- if we look around.

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National Parks in Malaysia

The many state and national parks in Malaysia make for some exciting and great eco-tourism and adventure activities.

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Malaysian Moths Gallery

This Malaysian Moths Gallery displays only a few of the thousands of the moth species found in the country, hoping to show their great varieties, differences and beauty.

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Best Books on Malaysian Birds

Check here for the list of the best books on Malaysian birds and the best field guides for birding in Malaysia. It is based on the general popularity and preference of the books by most birders.

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