Flower-Lovers, Welcome to this
Flowers of Malaysia Gallery

In this Flowers of Malaysia Gallery page you will find pictures of some of the more common species of Malaysian flowers; those that you will usually see planted and grown along the roadsides and streets, in gardens and compounds, or as potted plants and blossoms at the balconies and verandahs of homes.

beautiful orchids

Of course the edible fruit trees in the country also have flowers as are the palms and other plants, but in this page the photos shown are those of the common flowers that are usually potted and adored by flower lovers.

The Malaysian National Flower, the red-colored Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa sinensis), and the other hibiscus varieties are shown at the top of the gallery.

You will notice that the Hibiscus specie of plants not only has a variety of colors, but their petal structures and sizes may be a little different, with a few varieties having double petals and pendulous flowers and stamens.

small balsam flowers

And with more hybrids being introduced by avid gardeners and flower-lovers, many other varieties of the flower will be found in the country.

Pictures of a few orchid varieties are also depicted as well as some of the more common tropical flowers in Malaysia.

So, all you flower-lovers (and that includes the butterflies, dragonflies and other lovable insects!), welcome to this Gallery of flowers.

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Hibiscus Flowers

big red hibiscus flower pink hibiscus flower hibiscus flower

bright red hibiscus flower beautiful pink and white hibiscus pink hibiscus

red hibiscus double colored flower mixed colored hibiscus flower

white colored hibiscus side-view of white hibiscus flower white and pink hibiscus

malayian red hibiscus two-colored hibiscus flower


brownish red orchids yellow orchids tiger-striped orchids

yellowish colored orchids orkid close-up of pink orchid flower

red colored orchids yellow orchid flower orchids yellow flower

purple orchid flower pink orchid

Other Flowers

adenium flower allamanda flower periwinkle

bee on flower picture bee on flowers pollinating blue pea flower

blue wigs flower pink frangipani pink frangipani flowers

pink bougainvillea flowers white bougainvillea flowers yellow dillenia flowers

orange-colored canna flowers bright colored canna flowers daisy flower

pinkish euphorbia flowers heliconias white jasmine flowers

white lily flower madagascar periwinkle flowers periwinkle

purple morning glory flowers rafflesia rain lily flowers

red rose flower spider lily white flowers yellow rose flower

yellow allamanda flower yellow oleander flower bright red ixora buds

small pink flowers red ixora flowers orange ixora flowers

We hope you've enjoyed perusing the photos and images of the many beautiful flowers found in the country.

And do visit this web-page often, as more pictures of the various species and varieties of Malaysian flowers will be added from time to time.


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The Butterflies Gallery

picture of bush brown butterfly

Bush Brown

photo of blue jay butterfly in malaysia

Blue Jay

picture of striped albatross butterfly in malaysia

Striped Albatross

picture of club silverline butterfly found in malaysia

Club Silverline

photo of malaysian plain tiger butterfly

Plain Tiger

photo of bush brown with closed wings

Bush Brown (wings closed)

picture of butterfly caterpillar found in malaysia


picture of blue pansy butterfly found in malaysia

Blue Pansy

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