Malaysian Mountains

Malaysian Mountains and Highlands

Here is the list of the main Malaysian mountains, including the highlands, and their respective heights in meters.

For both the serious and amateur mountain climbers, rock-climbers, and nature trekkers, the mountains and highlands of Malaysia actually make great destinations to enjoy their hobbies or pastimes.

They are not as high and tough as the peaks of the Himalayas, for example, and they don't require sophisticated oxygen tanks or mountaineering equipment to ascend them.

So they are quite ascendable by even new and "touristic" mountain climbers, although of course they must be physically fit and be well prepared.

It is however important to note that the facilities at the sites of some of these Malaysian mountains are very basic and minimal, and that permits may be required to be obtained from the authorities before embarking on the climb or journey.

And the use of guides may be mandatory for some of them.

The best policy, of course, is to register and inform the relevant authorities before making any ascent or trekking up the summits. This is to ensure that assistance for untoward or unforeseen circumstances would be received quickly.

Holiday Highlands

Some of them, because of their relatively cool weather, like Penang Hill (Bukit Bendera), Fraser's Hill, Cameron Highlands and Genting Highlands, are already very popular tourist and holiday spots with leisure and recreational activities.

Ascents to these popular highlands are usually through very nice roads and railcars.

Mountains of Malaysia

The highest mountain in Malaysia is Gunung Kinabalu in Sabah. It is also the highest peak in South-east Asia.

The highest in Peninsular Malaysia is Gunung Tahan in Pahang, and it is the fifth highest mountain in Malaysia.

Here are some of the main mountains of Malaysia.


  1. Gunung Kinabalu - 4093 m
  2. Gunung Trusmadi - 2643 m
  3. Gunung Tambuyukon - 2580 m
  4. Gunung Lotong - 1667 m
  5. Gunung Silam - 883 m


  1. Gunung Murud - 2422 m
  2. Gunung Mulu - 2376 m
  3. Tama Abu - 2113 m
  4. Bukit Batu - 2092 m
  5. Bukit Batu Buli - 2083 m
  6. Bukit Batu Lawi - 2046 m
  7. Bukit Batu Iran - 2018 m
  8. Gunung Penrissen - 1329 m
  9. Gunung Santubong - 810 m


  1. Gunung Tahan - 2187 m
  2. Gunung Benom - 2107 m
  3. Gunung Berembun - 2075 m
  4. Gunung Brinchang - 2032 m
  5. Gunung Kechau - 1945 m
  6. Gunung Gedong - 1830 m
  7. Genting Highlands - 1772 m
  8. Gunung Jasar - 1696 m
  9. Gunung Reskit - 1666 m
  10. Gunung Tangga Lima Belas - 1539 m
  11. Gunung Perdah - 1529 m
  12. Frasers Hill - 1524 m
  13. Cameron Highlands - 1524 m
  14. Gunung Pankin - 1463 m
  15. Gunung Ulu Bakar - 1391 m
  16. Gunung Gagau - 1377 m
  17. Gunung Perlis - 1280 m
  18. Gunung Irong - 1191 m
  19. Gunung Penumpu - 1092 m
  20. Gunung Dulang - 1065 m


  1. Gunung Ledang - 1276 m
  2. Gunung Belumut - 1010 m


  1. Gunung Korbu - 2183 m
  2. Gunung Bubu - 1568 m
  3. Bukit Larut - 1448 m


  1. Gunung Chamah - 2171 m
  2. Gunung Tera - 1556 m
  3. Gunung Ayam - 1504 m
  4. Gunung Stong - 1422 m
  5. Gunung Kambling - 1308 m
  6. Gunung Saji - 1284 m
  7. Gunung Kob - 1266 m
  8. Gunung Cintawasa - 1175 m


  1. Gunung Padang - 1314 m
  2. Gunung Gajah Terom - 1206 m
  3. Gunung Tembat - 964 m


  1. Gunung Jerai - 1217 m


  1. Bukit Bendera - 821 m

Negeri Sembilan

  1. Gunung Angsi - 825 m

Well, whatever your aspirations or intentions are, whether for serious climbing or just leisure vacation, I hope you enjoy yourself at the summits of the Malaysian mountains and highlands.

Love our mountains.

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